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About the Company

At Audio Visual CO-Operative LLC we have a ‘Commitment to Working with our Partners Associations, Businesses and Agencies to provide effective over all Conference Presentations.

  • Our Presentation Consultants confer with your presenters before the conference to ensure specified requirements are met
  • Our Consultants work with you to create PowerPoint slide themes, specific to your conference to maintain a controlled and consistent look
  • Our Consultants work to make every presenter feel that their message is clearly and effectively conveyed

At Audio Visual CO-Operative LLCC we provide Customer Focused Professional Technicians to service your conferences and meetings

  • Skilled customer and presentation oriented technicians
  • Committed to service
  • Committed to partnership with each presenter
  • Committed to success of the presentation

Here is what you can expect when partnering with Audio Visual CO-Operative LLC , we stand by ‘OUR CORE VALUES’

  • Success with integrity
  • Service with commitment
  • Partnership with our clients as equals
  • Presentations to celebrate with pride
  • Honest profits for honest work

Technology Services

Integrating New Presentation Technology:

  • Live HD Video and Digital Audio Streaming
  • Use of the latest Prosumer digital video technology for a cost efficient high end look with out the High End Costs.
  • Post conference use of Video on Demand (VOD) technology

Presentation Technology Trends

tech photo tech photo2

A coming trend to presentation technology is potentially the LED Rental screen. These LED panels may eventually replace the traditional screen and projector technology. As the rental, setup and operator costs continue to come down, this technology may soon be common place at conferences and meetings.

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Presentations Downloads

Change The Way You View Your Presentation Relationships

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  • Do you partner with a purveyor of equipment or a Presentation Producer/Consultant?
  • Do you allow guess Presenters to increase your on-site audiovisual costs with unplanned last minute additions?
  • Do you partner with a presentation Producer/Consultant committed to finding the most cost effective means to produce a successful meeting and/or conference?